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Gersonides is a web site for calculating statistical or mathematical things that interest me. Gersonides is based on a program called JStat I wrote in the early 1990s to perform some statistical calculations I needed for my work. Most of the code is based on routines I have written and re-written in various programming languages. Over the years, when I wanted to learn a new language, I would translate my programs into the new language. The current motivation was that I wanted to learn Python and Django.

This web site is named after Levi ben Gershon (Gersonides), philosopher, Talmudist, mathematician, astronomer/astrologer (1288–1344). My father always told me I was a descendant of Levi Ben Gershon. I have no way of knowing if this is true, but when I realized the internet was already using the original name of my program,"JStat" for various things, and that Levi Ben Gershon (aka Gersonides) had written a book on calculation, I decided to name the web site "Gersonides".
Technologies used in constructing this web site include Django, Python, R, and Cairo.

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Scatter Plot With Density Estimates Min Max Scatter Plot With Boxplots Patient Event Time Line Bubble Plot Boxplots with density estimates Mean Response by Subgroup Cell Means Over Time Labs Tests Over Time- Points Labs Tests Over Time- Lines Labs Tests- Representative Curves Sample Sizes by Study Tree Map Adverse Event Dot Chart Boxplots for Several Variables Boxplots for Several Variables--Diet Cumulative Incidence Plot Competing Risks-Kim Example Competing Risks-cmprsk Example QQ Plot QQ Plot QQ Plot Descriptive Statistics Multicenter Clinical Trial QQ Plot for Two Groups Scatter Plot With Boxplots Min Max Scatter Plot With Density Estimates Crosstab of Boxplots With Density Estimates

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Area Under Normal Curve Cumulative Beta; Cumulative Binomial; Cumulative Negative Binomial; Cumulative Chi Square Cumulative Gamma Cumulative Normal Cumulative Poisson Cumulative t Inverse Chi Square Inverse F Inverse t Inverse Normal